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Requirement of any business is as unique as the business itself. Therefore, having a custom software solution that fits this unique requirement is critical for business continuity. Since its inception, Congruent has helped numerous ISVs, enterprises and SMBs by building custom business solutions to succeed in their rapidly growing market.
As your outsourced software development company, i-Pixel brings in a significant expertise to the table, solving your unique business challenges and building a competitive edge for you with innovative solutions. Congruent has more than 5 years of experience in developing and supporting custom software for business of all sizes & verticals.
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Transparency Clients are #1 Built to be Agile
Our process paints a clear picture of progress to all stakeholders. We track every sprint and milestone and will let you know with total honesty the status of your project every step of the way.
Our software development company is based around serving the needs of our clients. Each of us cares about doing what's best for our clients, otherwise we'd be working somewhere else. We define our success based on your success, and we're proud of what we've accomplished.
We ascribe to the well-known "Agile Movement" that advocates flexibility and delivering concrete results rapidly and incrementally. This means we'll be able to show you results quickly and when either you change your mind about something (or the market does for you) we can adapt easily. That means we'll always be working with your current needs, not what you thought you needed six months ago.


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