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Centers of Excellence

i-Pixel creates software products of unparalleled quality; to achieve that level of excellence, we concentrated our engineers throughout centers of excellence, functionally, adding them to our different divisions, from product development to continuous learning and innovations.
Our engineering team uses platforms and cutting-edge methods to deliver robust, reliable, and the utmost effective software solutions, adding value for our customers for years to come.
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Dominik Alder

(Chairman and founder)
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Our advantages

i-Pixel is a client-oriented company with a “service” attitude. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and the best practices in today’s IT market.

What sets us apart in numbers

Our lean, global business model translates to the highest-quality products and experiences at the efficient costs for our customers. See how the numbers set us ahead of competition.

7th Dec, 2019

Our first workplace

21st Jul, 2020

Growth internally first

27th Sep, 2020

We finished our strategic plans

10th Jul, 2020

Award winner

1st, Jun 2018

We had an idea

8th, Jul 2020

Company registered

18th Aug, 2020

Our idea bought a Norwegian company

2nd Oct, 2020

Focus business history on what matters to planning

22nd Nov, 2020

Hard Work continues